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Government and Public Policy

The public sector constantly requires new solutions to deal with many social problems. The Division of Government and Public Policy at BB&R has an objective to contribute, through the application of tools for benchmarking and techniques of evidence-based government, with the improvement in the provision of public services in their traditional and non-traditional channels (E-Government).

Our team of consultants is trained to accompany governments in the identification and implementation of strategies to become the citizen at the center of their efforts (citizen-centric government).

For the achievement of these purposes, our Division of Government and Public Policy guides its clients to make better use of the latest technological resources and to become prepared to recognize the best international practices. In this regard, BB&R supports the public sector in the introduction of criteria for Effective and Efficient Management. To do this, our consultants advise on:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Program and project management
  • Management and evaluation of results
  • Management of the civil service
  • Creation and management of public procurement platforms
  • Creation and management of public service platforms
  • Restructuring of public administration
  • Design and implementation of shared services
  • Creation and renovation of the governmental decision support systems
  • Support in obtaining quality certifications for the public sector (ISO)

To obtain an efficient government, the incorporation of Information Technology (IT) is an obligatory step that involves disregarding old ways of operating. In this field, the specialists working for BB&R collaborate with governments for:

  • Strategic planning and governance of new technologies
  • Design, management and evaluation of innovation strategies
  • Preparation of training programs for human resources
  • Advice for the incorporation of technological platforms and software appropriate to the needs of the client

Investment in infrastructure is essential for building cities, provinces and regions that are competitive in the global environment. Our consultants have tools for supporting public authorities in:

  • Studies of feasibility and social interest
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of local and regional development projects
  • Organization of national and international events to support the visibility of developmental projects
  • Advice for the definition of strategies for local and regional diplomacy

The BB&R team is also supporting the inclusion of Open Government and Transparency criteria on public agencies. Our consultants help public bodies to comply with the global standards on access to diverse public information:

  • Legislation and Bills
  • Expenses and procurement
  • Plans, programs and projects
  • Public Accounting
  • Management of public companies
  • Environmental Protection

Finally, the experts at BB&R collaborate with government agencies in the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies in specific areas (education, health, justice, security, transportation, environment, institutional strengthening and migration). This is done through the following actions:

  • Assessment of socio-political-economics contexts
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Advice on building a broad consensus (unions, citizens, businesses, bureaucracy) on government priorities
  • Preparation of the communication strategy parallel to the public policy
  • Identification of best practices and benchmarking
  • Searching and managing funds from international cooperation and multilateral lending agencies