At BB&R, an important policy is that of basing guidance and consulting on an applied, responsible and high quality investigation. Therefore the division of Research and Development’s mission is to offer solutions to governments, businesses or civic groups who want to achieve their objectives and to respond in an efficient manner to the pressure of social demands. These solutions are geared mainly for designing and implementing new service management models or for improving the ones that already exist.

Since BB&R has made a firm commitment to social innovation, the solutions developed by our consultants are characterized by the addition of both economic and social value, as well as individual and shared value. The advice offered from this division includes all stages of the process of Research, Development and Innovation from the creative idea generation, through the implementation of these ideas and the evaluation of their application and outcomes.

The methodology used by the experts of BB&R is predominately based on innovative, safe and tested tools. Our consultants make use of evidence-based methods and diverse techniques, which are open and focused in the demands and adaptations to the specific circumstances in each case. A common activity is benchmarking to identify good practices in specific fields and social policy experimentation as a modality for test projects before implementing policies on a larger scale. The division team of Research, Development and Innovation is multidisciplinary and executes its work to promote the participation of the different stakeholders during the entire process.

Social innovation is a very useful tool for government, business and civic organizations: it provides a new and more efficient response to the increasing collective demands and offers local solutions to complex social challenges. It generates new forms of collaboration between actors and can achieve significant results with the use of limited resources.